Maher Zain

Acclaimed Swedish singer, songwriter and music
producer Maher Zain is one of the biggest names
in the Islamic Music genre. Originally from
Lebanon, Maher is the biggest Arab Muslim artist
on face book with over 25 million fans and

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Adel Idris El-Mishayti

Dr Adel Idris El-Mishayti is a medical doctor of Libyan origin and also has another career as an artist. His interest in singing was evident after graduating medical school in 2005. A father of two, Adel quickly rose to fame after releasing his most reputable single “Sawfa Nabqa Huna” (We Will Stay Here), which quickly became an empowering anthem to many people in the Arab world during a time of instability. Currently residing in Germany, Dr Adel aims to continue down his career path in both medical and musical fields to help people and inspire others around the globe. His songs portray his passion towards peace and security for all races by embodying deep & meaningful verses, directed at youth as they are the generation of the future.

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Harris J

Born in Chelsea in the heart of London, Harris J is
a young British Muslim artist of Indian and Irish
background. From an early age Harris’s natural
talent for singing was evident as he was singing
and performing in public, school recitals and multi
faith gatherings.

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Imam Suhaib Webb

Suhaib Webb, From Oklahoma has a background in Education & Islamic Law (Shariah) from Al-Azhar University. He is known as the Snap Chat Imam, delivering “Snapwas” & addressing questions from the youth. Imam Suhaib has served various communities in North America and is currently launching his Educational Institute in the fall, SWISS.

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Preacher Moss

Preacher Moss is considered “the funniest man in the Ummah”. A pioneer of putting smiles on the faces of Muslims all over the world, he founded the internationally acclaimed “Allah Made Me Funny” Muslim comedy tour in 2004 and the Muslim world has been smiling ever since. As the legendary funny man returns to Australia he comes to make you laugh, think, and do it again. Funny from the womb to the tomb check you funny bones. As you’ll find out why Preacher Moss says, “Allah Made Me Funny

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Shaikh Omar bin Isham bin Nasrat Turkmani Hanafi

Shaikh Omer holds PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence and its Origins from The University of Bursa in Turkey, a specialised scholar in Hanafi Jurisprudence and Qualified through the way of Al-Shatibiyya, Al-Durra and Al-Tayyiba for the ten qira’at.Authorised Hadith reciter.
Received knowledge from the scholars of Al-Madinah Al-Monawwarah including the haram imam; Shaikh Ali Abdul Rahman Al-Huthaifi. Quran Calligraphy specialist and Accredited scholar in scripture and Islamic sciences.Shaikh Omer’s breath-taking recitation and impressive knowledge will  surely warm hearts and minds during the Sounds of Light concert.

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